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Karen has been writing Bail Bonds in Anaheim for more than eight years.

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Lakewood Bail Bondsman

The Lakewood Sheriff’s Station is located next to the old post office and civic center. It is directly across the street from Best Buy near the Lakewood Mall. There is some public parking in front of the building, but when they are extremely busy it may be very limited,  so you can park at the Best Buy lot and walk across the street.

When you enter the building you’ll see the front desk officer at a window where you’ll need to check-in. If it’s after hours or no one is at the window, you will need to pick up the phone located to the right of the main entrance in order to enter the building. The lobby is available for you to wait in while we process our bond with the jail.

The Lakewood Sheriff’s Station houses several other city’s inmates, as well, because they don’t have the accommodations to hold their own arrestees. Due to the increasing number of arrests, along with other local areas that Lakewood Sheriff’s services, the facility was recently remolded to handle the volume of arrestees to be housed here.

Sometimes the jail is very busy so we may have to wait for several hours, but on an average day, they typically release inmates within 1-2 hours from the time a bond is posted. Once the jail has completed everything necessary for the inmate’s release, the inmate will be released directly into the main lobby, where we will wait with you.