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Karen has been writing Bail Bonds in Anaheim for more than eight years.

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Downey Bail Bondsman

Downey Police Department is a smaller jail making this jail very easy to work with regarding the bail bond process. When you arrive at this jail, you will notice there is regular parking and 30-minute parking, for your convenience. If you are meeting us during regular business hours, park in the regular parking area; and, if it’s after regular hours, you can park in the 30-minute parking area for longer than 30-minutes; however it is always best to park in the regular parking area.

When you enter the building there is a lobby where the public is allowed to wait for 24/7. This is where your bail agent will submit the bond and wait for the defendant to be released, along with you. Once we have completed our paperwork and are ready to post bail, we will notify the front desk, they will verify that our forms are filled out properly, and then they will notify the jail that a bond has been posted.

The jail prepares the person in custody for release by notifying the defendant of their court date and location, and returning any personal property to the arrestee. Once they have completed all the necessary steps, the jail will release the person in custody directly into the lobby.